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School-aged Children

Children ages 6-12 years demonstrate numerous complex behaviors in all developmental domains. Learning is a social activity, and many children who had difficulties in certain areas during previous years begin displaying more challenging behaviors. Children who appeared to have no difficulties previously can begin to demonstrate challenging behaviors or can shrink into the background in school because an unidentified, underlying difficulty is preventing them from being and thus feeling successful. Being successful in school in the early years lays the foundation for future successes. Assessments throughout these years are critical to help support strong development as well as to help understand strengths and weaknesses. 


Assessments include the following:

  1. Determining academic readiness
  2. Differentiating strengths and weaknesses in various learning domains
  3. Understanding and coping with behavioral challenges and motivation
  4. Filtering attentional issues vs. learning issues
  5. Discovering strengths and weaknesses in aptitude and adaptive skills


Click here to see a list of milestones that your typically developing child should be exhibiting.


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